Scholarship Scholarship MIS 2024: HSP-MIS Scholarship data entry login Scholarship MIS 2024: HSP-MIS Scholarship data entry login. While you trying to log in to the HSP-MIS portal for submitting your School Stipends Data Entry and Scholarship Data Entry you may find the server down. It will take a long to load or said a 404 error. If you find this error this article is for you. Here we suggest the best 3 alternative link for Scholarship Data Entry or Stipends Data Entry in HSP-MIS Portal.

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HSP MIS Login 103.48 16.248 8080

HSP-MIS Portal recently down while institutes trying to enter their Stipends Data. Authority announced a new alternative link for submitting HSP-MIS Data Entry for scholarship and Stipends Data.

Before active, this link HSP-MIS has an old link; When a user logs in this link they will find an HSP and Scholarship MIS software closed notice MIS will be temporarily closed for quality improvement and maintenance. Scholarship MIS 2024

Authority says “Please wait” for entering your Scholarship and Stipends Data. But We find an alternative Data Entry link for you announced by the HSP-MIS authority. Just click this link and Enter your data easily.

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Some technical tips for using HSP-MIS Scholarship and Stipends Data Entry:

1. Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as the browser.
2. If there is a problem, clear the browser’s cache.
3. Check internet speed
4. If there is an error or problem, you can restart your laptop or computer.
5. Update or upgrade the browser regularly. There will be problems running the system in a backdated browser.

New features in is the newly launched Scholarship HSP-MIS web portal

  • 1. First of all, enter the information of the Existing students.
  • 2. No captcha is required to log in.
  • 3. All banks and branches have been connected.
  • 4. Fixed issues with save and permanent address.
  • 5. University and medical college user IDs and passwords have been created. Requested to be contacted.
  • 6. In the case of all entries, the financial year will be 2019-20.
  • 7. Madrasa student information cannot be entered here.

HSP-MIS Scholarship data entry login

How to check and correct errors in SCHOLARSHIP information?

1. Those who have completed the data entry of SCHOLARSHIP (DSHE or DME) can print the report/list of scholarship students of your institution from the report menu.

2. Then match the name of each student, parent’s name, registration number or exam ID number, educational information, etc. with your official document.

3. Check that the account number is in the correct digit (13-16). Bank, check if the branch is OK. If you have a mobile account, correct it and add a bank account.

Only online bank accounts are allowed for SCHOLARSHIP payments. The account number must be in the student’s own name. Accounts in the name of parents or anyone else are not acceptable.

4. Correct any errors by going to the “Update Scholarship Student Information” menu.

Common Errors in SCHOLARSHIP data entry

1. Registration number incorrect. The information entered by many does not match the information on the board. To be corrected.

2. According to the student information, Talent Pool has been entered in place of General Scholarship instead of Talent Pool. To be corrected.

3. Wrong with a bank account number. Many have entered the bank account for less than 13 digits. According to Bangladesh Bank, all online bank accounts will be between 13 and 16 digits. More than one request has been made for full digit entry of bank account. Again, many have completed 13 digits with several zeros before the short account number of the bank account.

It will not be possible to send money to these accounts. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the correct bank, branch, and account number with the correct digit of the bank account. Correct those who are wrong quickly.

4. 2019-20 financial year is at the last stage. If the money is not sent by June 30, the money allocated for the scholarships can be returned. In that case, there may be complications in receiving the scholarship money of the scholarship recipients.

5. Therefore make quick data entry and correction. Assist scholarship students in financing. The account holder’s name must be in English in the payment information.

Only online bank accounts are allowed as per DSHE’s instructions. If someone enters a mobile account, it has to be corrected.

Special Message from Development Authority

Respected teachers, Your sincerity, interest, and participation have overwhelmed and inspired us. We hope and believe we will succeed Insha Allah.

G2P Payment System is brand new in Bangladesh. The biggest advantage of this is that the money goes directly to the recipient’s account and once digitized it does not take any time to send money to students or beneficiaries or there is no complication.

Only the payment cycle can actually send the payment. There is also a guarantee of receiving the money. If no one gets the money it can be known through the EFT RETURN information of Bangladesh Bank and the money can be sent back to the account of the student or beneficiary by correcting the information.

There is a system of safety monitoring. There are some challenges in introducing a new approach. We are facing that challenge now, but it is not a big challenge. Even then we simplified the data entry form. Student Name, Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, Birth Registration, Date of Birth, Registration Number, Account Name, and Account Number – These are to be entered.

The rest comes from the system, just select. This is a very simple method. In fact, it will end when you start. There may also be some minor technical problems. I humbly request you to be patient in these cases. only hope for this courtesy from you because you are the great people to teach us our ideals and patience.

I think and believe, we are working as a large and capable team across the country. We must succeed. God willing.


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